WMR E-Bike Speed Key

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Unlock the power of your electric mountain bike with the WMR Speed Key tuning kit!

Our tuning kits are made to remove the speed limiter on your e-bike, so you can ride faster and enjoy more performance. The WMR SpeedKey is the perfect choice for E MTB riders who want to take their ride to the next level.


  • Removes the speed limiter on your e-bike
  • Increases your top speed
  • Easy to install and use (Installs in just minutes)
  • Compatible with most major e-bike brands
  • Ride faster and have more fun
  • Improve your performance on trails

Order your WMR Speed Key today and unlock the power of your e-bike!

Disclaimer: Please note that tuning your e-bike may void your warranty. Knowing the local laws and regulations regarding e-bike speed limits is also important.

Safety: Always wear a helmet when riding your e-bike. Be aware of your surroundings and ride safely. *Made for off-road use


The Shimano EP8 SpeedKey tuning set is used for removing the speed limiter of electric assisted bicycles with center drives Shimano.

Fully tested and compatible with SHIMANO 2021/2022!

Speed limit: fully removed

Activation: automatically WITH ACTIVATION THE E-BIKE or by LIGHT BUTTON

Display of values on the display: real data up to 25 km/h / 15 mph


Yamaha PW-X, PW-SE, PW-ST, PW-TE and PW-X2 in combination with the display model series "A" and "C" (year 2019-2023).

Speed limit:  fully removed

Activation: TWO short presses of the lights button


Yamaha PW-X3, PW-S2,

Speed limit:  fully removed

Activation: TWO short presses of the lights button

SpeedKey Options: SHIMANO EP8

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