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WMR Racing Development Tuning Options

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The WMR Maptuner family of COMPETITION TUNING TOOLS gives you the ability to unlock your bike’s full potential.

Long gone are the days of carburetors and jetting complications. Since the introduction of Fuel Injection, bikes can now be tuned via simple electronics without the need for a tool kit.

OEM’s motorcycles are equipped with general settings off the showroom floor. Often individual riders can benefit from fine tuning for their individual needs. It’s common to tune suspension to the specific needs of the rider & terrain. Today’s electronics now give us that same level of control over the engine performance. This allows the average rider to fully customize your bike’s characteristics to match your personal abilities and ultimately unlock your full potential as a rider.

Factory Race Teams use re-programmed OEM ECU’s (or CDI’s) because they are more reliable and work perfectly with the bike they were designed for. But up until now, the ECU/CDI units have been digitally locked from any 3rd party tuning. Forcing the general public to buy expensive aftermarket replacement parts. That era has come to an end.

Our Race Department, together with Maptun, has developed a full suite of OEM ECU (4-stroke) & CDI (2-stroke) mapping solutions that previously have been only reserved for Factory Race teams. And now we offer that technology to you, along with industry leading support just a phone call away. *For off-road use only

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*These tunes are made for off-road use only.