WMR Becomes First USA Stark Future Dealer

WMR Becomes First USA Stark Future Dealer
WMR Competition Performance the Premier Motocross and Off-Road race shop in the SE United States, has teamed up with Stark Future to become the first USA dealer for the new and exciting Stark Varg.


WMR Competition is already a KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas dealer as well as authorized WP Suspension service center and has one of the best reputations in the industry, now they are proud to announce that they offer the new Stark Full Electric Line up. Stark Future, an innovative new brand Founded by Anton Wass, an experienced and avid MX fan and founder of the largest MX website in Europe, has put together a team of the best in the world, and their passion for innovative design is evident in this new offering.. 


WMR’s location in South Central Florida puts them in a perfect location to serve the entire US with an onsite, fully stocked MX race shop, WMR can build and ship your bike, gear and spare parts right to your door anywhere in the country. As the largest Alta Electric bike dealer when they were in business, WMR was one of the pioneers in electric motorcycles and gained knowledge and experience working with industry leaders to develop and improve the bikes. Also, as a Factory Trained KTM Free Ride dealer, they have all the tools and equipment needed to work on this new breed of machine. Many shops are not able to service the motors and batteries on these new bikes, but WMR has invested in the tools and training to be a leader in this new technology.


The Goal at Stark was to build the fastest and most thrilling Motocross bike in the world, and after seeing the new Stark Varg they have defiantly met and exceeded that goal. This new bike is like none other, and it is faster and better handling than anything you will ever ride. It was engineered to be the perfect blend of all modern-day MX machines taking the best features from each one and melding them into the perfect machine. Countless hours were spent analyzing and developing the lightest chassis and most powerful power plant possible. All the test riders have come back with the same comments, “This bike is so easy to ride and I felt comfortable right away”.


Even though it is available with an 80hp electric motor which is amazingly powerful and fast, it can be tamed down and adjusted to suit your riding style and ability right from your fingertips on the provided smartphone.

This bike is a game-changer and will revolutionize the industry. If you have never ridden an electric MX bike, I suggest you consider getting a Stark Varg, it will change your opinion on this new technology. Look, we are all from the gas powered generation some of us from two stroke days before the modern four stroke was even developed and we were not easy to convince when it came to Electric but just like your first test ride in a Tesla the Stark will leave you wanting more with a smile on your face. The world is moving in the electric direction and the Stark Varg just raised the bar pretty high, it is years ahead of its time and without a doubt the real deal.


Call the shop and sign up to get you new Stark, they will be available sometime around September 2022. We will take your deposit and get you signed up with all your options so we can build one specifically set up for you.


See the Stark Varg here


Stark Future Josh Hill



Stark Future Varg


Wheelie Wednesday with the Stark Future Dirt Bike



Stark Future CEO



Stark future Varg garage



Stark Red


Snow White Stark Future


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