WMR is an Authorized STACYC Dealer and Online Retailer For Parts, Bikes, and Accessories

WMR is an Authorized STACYC Dealer and Online Retailer For Parts, Bikes, and Accessories

Finally Stacyc Balance Bikes Delivered right to your door

WMR Competition Performance is the East Coasts largest stocking Stacyc dealer and is now offering free shipping when you purchase from the web site. Bundle with Nihilo, Stacyc parts and accessories and save even more.


You have probably seen the neighborhood kids ripping around on their new silent Stacyc Electric Balance Bikes and wondered where I could get one of these awesome bikes for my kids?


Well, it is really pretty easy! We are happy to announce that WMR Competition Performance in Stuart FL, which is the number one Motocross and Dirt Bike shop in the SE United States, is now offering the full line of Stacyc’s on our website and we will ship them for free right to your door.


All you need to do is visit our website and place your order, and we even have kid-sized LS2 helmets and awesome Nihilo Concepts aftermarket parts that will make your Stacyc stand out from the rest. When you bundle your STACYC with some Nihilo Parts, you will save even more money.


Click the link below to see the full line of Stacyc’s even the KTM and Husqvarna branded models, plus Nihilo parts and gear.


Kids running with STACYC at park


STACYC Electric Balance Bikes have been a real hit with boys and girls from ages 3-8 years old weighing in under 75-80 lbs. These silent fun motorized balance bikes can be ridden anywhere a standard pedal bike can be ridden and they are electric so there is no noise to disturb the neighbors. You can set it up in an unpowered mode so your little rider can learn to push balance and coast until they are ready for powered mode Then you can choose from three powered modes so you can start out slow and as the rider gains more confidence you can gradually increase the speed and performance. Stacyc’s come in two sizes, the 12E Drive and 16E Drive. The 12 is best for riders 3-5 years old with an inseam of 14”-20”. The 16 is best for riders 4-8 years old with an inseam of 18”-24”.


Learning how to ride a Stacyc e-bike


My own Grandkids were learning to ride standard bikes with training wheels and were having a little trouble getting the hang of riding a pedal bike. We were all very surprised to see them immediately jump on the STACYC and ride away without any training wheels. I think it’s because they are able to concentrate on their balance a lot better because they aren’t trying to pedal balance and steer all at the same time. The hand throttle is familiar to them from other electric toys they have had so it comes natural. Most kids today have grown up with some kind of electric toy, a small plastic car or quad so they are used to the feel of electric power and how the throttle feels.


Now riding their Stacyc’s is all they want to do and all their friends are getting Stacyc’s too, so now there is a whole fleet of kids riding in the parks and back yards and even alongside their family’s on pedal bikes. The Stacyc has definitely brought families together again to enjoy outside physical activities.


playing outdoors with STACYC 

It reminds me of how it was when I was young with gas powered mini bikes, back then society wasn’t as concerned about noise and emissions so we were able to ride all day every day, but in today’s world our social conscience is more critical of noisy exhaust spewing motorcycles but we can eaisly accept the electric Stacyc without any concerns.


It’s so awesome to see kids outside again, enjoying physical activities and off their computers and other devices. Being outside is good for kids and riding an electric balance bike builds physical strength and coordination that will last them a lifetime.

 balancing on a Stacyc in South Florida


Make no mistake the Stacyc is no plastic toy, these bikes are strong with tough fully welded aluminum frames and real brakes, tires and handlebars. The Stacyc is the perfect beginner bike for any kid that wants to ride a gas powered mini bike at some point, it will teach them to balance and riding technique that they will carry over to the bigger bikes as they grow.


It has been so exciting to see the immediate acceptance and excitement around the Stacyc’s, and kids will let you know when something is fun and the Stacyc is definitely FUN!


First dirt bike is a Stacyc


Stacyc Foot pegs


Stacyc foot pegs are incredibly easy to install, watch this video to learn how.



Kid ripping into corner on Stacyc



All Stacyc's have free shipping, and you can also save when purchasing additional accessories.



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