Why is WMR Competition Performance different from other shops?

Why is WMR Competition Performance different from other shops?

When we sat down to design our new store in Stuart Florida we knew that we wanted to be different from the rest. In today’s world of on line shopping we wanted to give the customer a reason to get off the couch and walk into our showroom.

Selling motorcycles and parts hasn’t changed much over the last few decades and that’s a real shame, one of the most extreme forms of entertainment and it is presented with no imagination in boring stores with a floor full of bikes and no reminders of why you love to ride. We took a lesson from the world famous action sports camera company Go Pro, you probably never realized it but every Go Pro advertisement shows the customer living the lifestyle. You don’t get all the stats about pixels or DPI all you see is the awesome stuff you could be doing with a Go Pro strapped to your helmet. Most motorcycle shops are just the opposite there is plenty of data but no emotion. When you walk in you almost forget why you wanted the bike in the first place, it’s just a place you have to go to get your bike and you want to get out as fast as you can.

When you walk into WMR Competition Performance you are first struck with the feeling that we sell a lot more than just metal and plastic, the showroom is full of lifestyle clothing and accessories. Everyone that rides a motorcycle and especially racers live their passion. From the clothes they wear to the shoes on their feet and the hats on their head they want to let the world know that they ride and are proud of it. That is why WMR made sure that the lifestyle would be prominently on display. In this industry we compete with all kinds of other activities that people like to do in their off time so we need to present our products and services in a clean organized and professional way in a modern state of the art shopping environment. The goal here at WMR is to get the visitor to stay and hang out a while, that’s why we installed a stone fireplace with comfortable chairs right in the center of everything. Sit and hang out with your friends or just chill out while your bike is being serviced, it’s the ultimate man cave but the women like it too because it feels like shopping in one of their favorite stores.

WMR Accessories and Products

More than the initial feeling and look of any store is the level of professional service that the customer expects. Everyone at WMR is trained to be an expert in their field, they all know how to properly fit you into a helmet, boots and gear. All your questions about the motorcycles get answered and you gain confidence in the process and quickly realize that you are making the right decision. You can’t get that level of expert help on line, people still have a desire to receive great customer service and help when they are purchasing expensive gear or equipment for your favorite past time.

Another unique thing that we do at WMR is bring you on a personal shop tour, you get to walk through our clean air-conditioned service department that looks more like a Formula One race shop than a motorcycle shop. You will meet the technicians that will be working on your bike and immediately gain comfort knowing that you now have a personal relationship with the service department. There is even a glass wall between the showroom and service area so you can see right in and watch your bike running on the Dyno or being serviced. WMR is an authorized WP Suspension service center and our suspension department is one of the best in the world, with a suspension Dyno on site and many years of suspension experience there is no better place to bring your suspension to be serviced or modified.

WMR Husqvarna Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles

After showing you around the service and suspension departments we will then give you a tour of our sister company Nihilo Concepts an aftermarket motorcycle parts company that specializes in motocross and off road motorcycles. This modern all CNC machine shop has the ability to make anything needed for a motorcycle, Nihilo actually makes many parts for the Factory KTM and Husqvarna Race Teams such as one piece Titanium foot pegs , Billet aluminum throttle Housings and many more internal and top secret pieces. Seeing the capability of the Nihilo Machine shop right on the same premises as the dealership will give you the confidence to know that you came to the right place, this is no standard dealership, the people that work here love what they do and are all very passionate about motorcycles just like you are.

Nihilo Concepts

The next time you are in Florida please stop by and see why WMR Competition Performance is indeed the best Race Shop and dealership in the country, and not like anyplace you have ever seen.

By: Bob Brewster Riding and wrenching on dirt bikes since 1968

WMR Service Center

WMR KTM Selection

 Entrance of WMR

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