Tech Spotlight: Paul Galarza

Tech Spotlight: Paul Galarza

Paul Galarza: Technician and E-Bike specialist

I am currently 41 years old and have been a Certified Motorcycle Technician for over 22 years.

My father was my biggest influence and introduction to motorcycling. He always loved motorcycles, and from a very early age, I rode on a bike with him (my mother once told me that my father would put me in his backpack with my head peeking out and take me on his motorcycle). I believe that later in life, when I raced motocross, he felt like he was racing through me.

My first bike was a Yamaha TY 50cc two stroke, which I got for Christmas at my grandma's house. All my cousins dropped their brand-new toys to see my dirt bike! I rode that bike all the time, and it became my favorite thing to do as a child.

Some of my favorite memories and life accomplishments involve motorcycles, riding them, racing, and working on them. The highlight of my racing life came in 1993 when I became Motocross National Champion in Ecuador in the 80cc class. Later as I began my career as a Motorcycle Technician, I earned the Honda Red Level Certification, which I worked very hard for, and it gave me a lot of knowledge that I still use and call on every day. I continue to attend training and always try to increase my knowledge.

As I have grown into a professional Technician, I find I get the most enjoyment from precision building and blueprinting motors. I also enjoy engine machining, cylinder boring, performance porting cylinders, machining cylinder heads, and valve train work. Being part of the team here at WMR has provided me with all the tools needed to become a true engine specialist. There is nothing we cannot do with the knowledge and tools we have right here in-house. Over the years, I have come to learn that my God-given gift is intricate electrical troubleshooting and repair. With the new generation of E-Bikes coming on the scene, I have dug into all that this new technology entails. I find myself reading and studying this new exciting world many times late into the night. I can't get enough of it!

I still own a 2020 KTM 250SX and an older 1999 YZ125 and enjoy riding MX with my brother and buddies here at the shop. My wife and daughter will occasionally jump on the back of a street bike and go for a ride. If it has two wheels, it has my attention no matter what kind of riding it is.

Next time you come in for service, come back and say hello. I would love to meet you and check out your bike.

Paul working on dirt bike motor stand

Paul playing the guitar at WMR Competition Performance

Rocking out on the guitar

Paul working some electric magic for alta dirt bike

Paul Vapor honing at WMR

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