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FTR Event Recap: Hog Waller

FTR Event Recap: Hog Waller

The start of the Florida trail rider's series was held at Hog Waller in Palatka, FL, on  October 15th and 16th. The race circuit consisted of deep whooped-out sand, palmetto roots, various line selections, and some wet, muddy terrain, so many FTR members know how critical it is to have good momentum by staying on top of the sand and having good movement in the initial part of your suspension travel to soak up the roots in the single track.

Florida Trail Riders Hog Waller 2022

Over the weekend, Eddy helped riders with suspension setup. He noticed a pattern of many riders not keeping up with their WP air fork pressure setting, many being too low of air pressure for one reason or another.

FTR Action Shot at Hog Waller

When a rider has too low of air pressure in their WP air forks, they are riding too deep into the suspension travel, causing the bike's front end to dig into the deep sand, making the rider work harder than they should. You will also lose the initial travel needed to soak up roots. When riding too deep into the fork stroke, you reach the stiffer part of the fork travel sooner, making the forks feel stiffer even though one would think less air pressure = softer, but that is not always the case. If you want a softer initial feel, start by softening your damping fork through clickers while using the correct air fork pressure. If you are unsure of what air pressure setting to use or how to fill your air forks, we would gladly help you get informed. To contact WMR competition performance, call 772-426-3000 to speak with an expert.

#128B Chase H.
#728 Miles Sanders
#88G Rilynn Richards
#192B Larry Poston

Florida Trail Riders October 2022

Yamaha racing at FTR Hog Waller

WMR Suspension WP

FTR Photo Credit: photoman386

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