2020 KTM 790 DUKE
2020 KTM 790 DUKE
2020 KTM 790 DUKE
2020 KTM 790 DUKE

2020 KTM 790 DUKE

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The KTM 790 DUKE is devastatingly accurate. With the agility you'd expect from a single, blended with the meaty punch of a twin, it carves corners with pinpoint precision, boasting the 799 cc LC8c parallel twin motor nestled into one of the lightest and most compact chassis around. The KTM 790 DUKE is all about being fast where it counts - in the corners. Dynamically flicking from one bend to the next, putting you in the heart of the action and not on the sidelines.


Built for torque, this liquid cooled 8 valve, DOHC unit delivers peak torque at 8,000 rpm, almost immediately followed by a roaring horsepower finale. Meanwhile, an advanced ride-by-wire system guarantees great refinement as well as low fuel consumption and emission figures. 


The incredible handling characteristics of the KTM 790 DUKE are founded on the dynamic, loadbearing design of the tubular chassis. Engineers had one goal in mind, and that was to keep the chassis as rigid and compact as possible for sharper turn-in and greater lean angles, allowing it to slice through the turns with extreme responsiveness.


The KTM 790 DUKE might carry some muscle and grit, but it also comes with some serious brainpower as standard. Delivery of the smile-inducing power is efficiently controlled by advanced electronics and next-generation rider aids. Even when you're flirting with the limit, KTM's combination of the most advanced software and electronics in the world of motorcycling allow you to easily select the level and degree of assistance needed to maximize your thrill factor out on any ride. All you have to do is focus on the road ahead - and hold on tight.