Tech Spotlight: AJ Rhoads

Tech Spotlight: AJ Rhoads

AJ Rhoads: Motor Builder and Technician at WMR Competition Performance

I grew up in Michigan, where Motocross is vast, just like snowmobiles and quads, so it was a natural progression for me to be into dirt bikes and anything with a motor from the very beginning. When I was real little, I found my Dads old dirt bike helmet, and I would wear it all the time, so I guess you could say I was born to ride.

At around three years old, I got an old Moto 4 Quad and shortly after that, my Grandpa from Tucson, AZ, bought me a used XR80. I rode that bike until the wheels fell off. I mean, literally, the wheels fell off. After that, I had to learn fast how to keep it running, so maybe that’s where I got my love for working on bikes.

AJ Rhoads with his bike as a kid

As I got older, I began to race almost every weekend, and throughout my racing career, I won many races. Most notable were multiple Michigan MX Championships in the A and Vet classes. In addition, I qualified for the 2011 Canadian Pro Motocross at Waldon raceway and even qualified for Loretta Lynns in 2019 in the 25+ and 30+ classes. After my racing slowed down, I attended MMI and graduated in 2009 with the Top Tech Award.

My favorite thing to do is work on and prep rice bikes for competition. I have worked for lots of fast riders and built some awesome bikes. I love making bikes look clean and run just as well as they look. I’m always learning new tips and tricks, so it keeps it fun!

Now that I’m working as a tech at WMR, I ride as much as possible. I just got a new 2022 Gas Gas MC450, and I’m having a blast on the weekends riding with some of the guys from the shop.

AJ at the starting blocks
I just transplanted my wife and two young sons from Michigan to Florida, where you can ride all year long, and I’m sure as soon as the boys are old enough, they will be wide open into Motocross, and it will begin all over again just like it did for me all those years ago.

I couldn’t think of a better sport to have my kids be involved in. You get to spend time with your family on the weekends and watch them fall in love with riding dirt bikes the way I did when I was their age.

Next time you come to the shop for some service, ask for me I would love to meet you, and I will be happy to take care of your bike like it is my own.